our approach

don't shout louder,

think harder!

“How people view your brand makes the difference between success and failure. Spending money may create awareness, but getting people to like you takes real skill”.

Good creative is not just about getting noticed, but winning hearts and minds. We offer a more intelligent breed of creativity - one that is grounded on facts and logic, yet which stirs emotions and motivates action.

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about us

we have only one,

single-minded, commitment;

to add value to your business

“We have successfully helped a wide range of companies enhance their brand value, creating and delivering everything from complete company re-launches to integrated advertising campaigns. Whatever your objectives, we’ll work closely with you to make sure you achieve them”.

We are a creative branding agency with a proven track record of great results stretching over 20 years. Working out of an old dairy, in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside, our brains are free to roam. Experienced, talented, committed and, above all, honest.

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what we do

a holistic approach

that delivers

well-considered solutions

“Today’s world is complicated – there are many sides to every issue and multiple consequences to every decision. Rather than simply responding to the first idea that pops into our heads, we look at things from every angle”.

Whatever the task, whether it’s a new website or an exhibition stand, an email campaign or a new product launch, it has to work within the broader context of your strategy, your brand, your processes and your market. That’s why we cover branding, design and advertising, because whatever you do in one area affects the other two.

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what we offer

it’s not just about what you

have to say. It’s also about

what they want to hear!

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“We offer a lot of different services – but they all integrate with each other, and connect with the people you want to attract”.

People are so overloaded with information and spoilt for choice that getting their attention is harder than ever. We overcome this challenge by using multiple channels to interact with them, and co-ordinating the messages to create a coherent story – one that not only ensures you stand out from the herd, but which draws consumers towards you.

how we do it

clear thinking,

fresh ideas

“Although our imagination is free-ranging we guide it with a sharp analytical intelligence that follows a proven process – the route may not be direct but we always arrive at a place our clients love”.

1 positioning

We start by mapping out your current position – who you are, how you’re perceived, who you’re trying to reach and where you sit in relation to your competition. We then decide where you want to be in the future and create a plan of how to get you there.

2 proposition

Now we come up with a message that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. Something that is true to you, will resonate with your target audience and which will work across all communications and channels.

3 personality

Finally we express this message in the most compelling, exciting and memorable way possible. Your brand only comes to life when it starts to have meaning and feeling for the people who matter most – the consumers.

work with us

“We’re based in a beautiful rural location, surrounded by green fields and blue skies – no worries about traffic congestion, missing your train, finding a parking space and all the other miseries of commuting. We may be biased, but we believe this free range environment produces more fertile ideas. And bumper harvests!”

Some of our clients

the only traffic jam is

when the cows go down the
lane for milking

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